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The workshop is an introduction to the present overseas bases of Daikin Industries, a global company with operations in over 150 countries and the largest sales in the air-conditioning field in the world. It will provide an opportunity to learn about various global social issues and the forefront of business, and to know the actual excitement and fulfillment of taking on challenges through interaction with employees who actively work overseas. Together with special guests who play an active role in the world, you are invited to consider what you would like to become in the post-corona era.

* UGIP is a program that aims at contributing to the globalization of UTokyo by accepting its students as interns at Daikin’s overseas bases in 150 countries. In 2019, 48 students from UTokyo participated in overseas internship at Daikin’s overseas bases. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, the program content has been substantially modified for online workshops in this year.

  • Theme

    What the world is like now and what I will be like in 2030
  • Subject matter

    Letter of Invitation to Global Workshop 2020
    Full participation in this workshop would enable you to apply for preliminary selection (slated for November) of the Global Internship Program (UGIP 2021) described below.
  • Date of

    Saturday, October 24, 2020
  • Style of

  • Number of

    First 500 applicants
  • Eligibility

    【Eligibility to participate in the Global Workshop】
    ・Students enrolled as regular undergraduates in a faculty of the University of Tokyo (as juniors or seniors in the undergraduate program) or as regular graduate students in a graduate school of the University of Tokyo (*excluding those on leave during the period of the program and those who have suspended their studies for an extended period)
    ・Those students who have an interest in global social issues and business opportunities
    ※The following individuals are eligible to attend the Global Workshop but will not be eligible to participate in the preliminary selection of UGIP 2021 described below.
    1. Those who meet the qualifications above in 2020, but will not meet them in 2021
    2. Those who are enrolled in the doctoral program of a graduate school (including non-dissertation courses)
    3. Those who participated in UGIP 2019 (if you would like to participate in UGIP 2021, refer to the application guidelines for next year.)
  • How to apply

    【Application procedure】
    After logging in to UTAS, proceed to "Questionnaire" > "[For applicants only] Apply for Participation in UGIP Global Workshop 2020" and send in your application.
    We will contact you using your registered email address about how to participate and the details of the workshop.
  • Inquiry

    University of Tokyo Global Internship Program (UGIP)
  • Application period

    Monday, October 5 - Tuesday, October 20, 2020
    * Applications may be closed before the date specified above if the number of participants has already been reached.
  • Website of

    DAIKIN GROUP (English):
    Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Japanese):
  • Additional information

    About preliminary selection for UGIP 2021
    Full participation in this workshop would enable you to apply for preliminary selection for the University of Tokyo Global Internship Program 2021 (for exceptions, refer to the "Eligibility" above).
    【More details will be provided during the Global Workshop on October 24.】
    《Description 》
    One-day face-to-face session
    (Group discussions, presentations & feedback)

    《Date and time》
    (1) Competition - Individual events (30 people): Sat, November 14
    (2) Competition - Team events (30 people): Sun, November 15
    * Select either type from (1) and (2) when applying.

    If you progress through the preliminary selection process, you will gain the right to participate in UGIP 2021 scheduled for next year.
    * If it is difficult to travel abroad due to COVID-19 or other reason, the program may be changed to an internship in Japan, etc.
    *The details of UGIP 2021 are currently under evaluation. Refer to the following site for details of the activities in 2019.

    【Invitation video for Global Workshop 2020】

    【See below for interviews with students who participated in Global Internship 2019.】