Collaborations in Startup Initiatives

Defining Collaborations in Startup Initiatives

To create new technologies and value, and transform society through unique business models, it is essential to utilize startup companies that have agility and keen entrepreneurship. The University of Tokyo has the largest group of startup companies in Japan, as well as enhanced incubation functions. Daikin Industries will provide the startup companies with the necessary technologies, human resources, funds and other resources according to the theme of the project, thereby facilitating rapid collaboration. Through these activities, we will accelerate the incorporation of new value into society and the creation of new businesses.

Approach of the DAIKIN-UTokyo Lab.

The University of Tokyo has the largest group of startup companies in Japan, established by its graduates, researchers, students, and other associated personnel. Daikin Industries has contact with these startup companies and provides the startups, as potential partners, with resources that they require. Startup companies not only need business funds, but also have diverse support needs, such as technology, facilities for verifying the performance and effectiveness of their technologies and products, as well as potential connections that can become their first customers. We provide flexible support according to the managerial requirements of the recipients. In this way, we strengthen our relationship of trust and accelerate the harvesting of collaborative achievements. The new technologies and business models developed through this collaboration will also be utilized to strengthen and expand Daikin’s existing businesses and to create their new businesses.

Startup Support Program “FoundX“

With support from sponsoring companies, the University of Tokyo established an entrepreneurship support program “FoundX” for young startup companies and for the graduates, researchers and students of UTokyo who aim to start up new businesses. This is a new attempt to accelerate the growth of startup companies by deepening the relationship between entrepreneurs and sponsoring companies through various support menus and educational programs.
Daikin Industries participates in “FoundX” as one of its first sponsor companies. Centering around “FoundX“, young Daikin engineers will be dispatched to these places where talented entrepreneurs gather, so that the engineers can learn their ideas and entrepreneurship, while searching for themes for potential collaborations.