Promotion of Human Resource Exchanges

Defining Promotion of Human Resource Exchanges

We will establish a system in which faculty members from all fields of UTokyo, entrepreneurs from startup companies, and employees from various divisions of Daikin can freely move among their organizations, share their knowledge, and conduct joint research, thereby formulating innovative work styles and carrier paths. At the same time, we will implement a global internship program of an unprecedented scale in terms of geographical areas, styles and participants, that is open to the students of UTokyo, who will lead the next generation, at the forefront of global business operations of Daikin in more than 150 countries, or at its production and development bases in approx. 90 countries. Through these activities, we will promote human resource exchanges at all levels, including the management of UTokyo and Daikin, faculty members, management executives, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and employees of Daikin, thereby sharing the “brain, wisdom, experience and connections,” and continuously harvesting the collaborative achievements.

Approach of the DAIKIN-UTokyo Lab.

We will enable free exchanges between the two organizations, and create attractive conditions and opportunities, so that faculty members at UTokyo will want to participate in collaborations at Daikin, and so that young engineers at Daikin will hope to learn from the fundamentals at laboratories in UTokyo. We will establish not only the system, but also specific opportunities for exchanges overseas, as well as in Japan. DAIKIN-UTokyo Lab. will be established on the premises of the University of Tokyo, where Daikin engineers will be stationed. Utilizing this lab as their base, young researchers, engineers, and startup companies can freely interact with each other and create ideas for new technologies and business models. We will also promote the participation of UTokyo into the comprehensive partnership between Daikin Industries and Tsinghua University, as well as the engagement of Daikin into the scheduled collaborative program between UTokyo and Peking University.

LOOK Program of UTokyo 

Senior technology managers and engineers from Daikin visit the University of Tokyo for technology discussions with faculty members.

University of Tokyo Global Internship (UGIP)

An internship program will be implemented to develop students from both scientific fields and the humanities as global human resources who can play an active role in the world. In this program, students of UTokyo will have the opportunity to visit Daikin overseas bases located in more than 150 countries and experience the business frontlines.

Poster session at an achievement presentation meeting
Interview with participants of Daikin x UTokyo Global Internship 2019 (in-depth version)