Collaborations in Future Vision Initiatives

Defining Collaborations in Future Vision Initiatives

We will draw a vision of future society and boldly predict the needs for the “value creation of air” in that society.
Subsequently, we will consider its impact on society, such as influence on values and culture, and identify technologies required in the future society and new businesses that will emerge, not only through scientific and technical approaches, but also through the knowledge of humanities. These discussions will be compiled into a future vision utilizing the University of Tokyo’s ability to make policy proposals at a national level, thereby clarifying issues that UTokyo and Daikin Industries will jointly address in order to achieve SDGs and Society 5.0.

Approach of the DAIKIN-UTokyo Lab.

This program aims at being a question-led comprehensive collaboration and initiative, differing from the conventional industry-academia joint research that starts with a problem to be solved. This Future Vision Initiative is led by various researchers from the University of Tokyo, both in the scientific and humanities fields, and researchers from Daikin Industries. In addition, we plan to invite faculty members from the collaborative research programs of UTokyo and Peking University, as well as from Tsinghua University, with which Daikin Industries has a comprehensive partnership, to participate in the discussions. Our aim is to create a future vision of “air” through discussions that combine knowledge from a wide range of interdisciplinary fields, including science, engineering, medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, law, economics, literature, sociology, philosophy, history, education and the arts, with knowledge from the entire Daikin group.

Providing New Value

We will formulate a future vision about “air” and identify requirements to be tackled in the future by organizing round table discussions by members from a wide range of fields and departments of UTokyo and Daikin.

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